06/18/19 - File "N4" Uploaded // Updated Home Screen Image "Bronze Justia Statue" - 

               // >>Purchased on DreamsTime 06/18/19<< // 

 06/20/19 - File "N5" Uploaded // Updated Meta Tags and Descriptions for HOME // CONTACT // EXPERTISE pages. 

06/20/19 - File "N6" Uploaded // Updated HOME Information Buttons. Buttons link to respective pages CONTACT and EXPERTISE. Information itself is to be updated. 

                >>Changelog.htm Implemented as well<<

10/11/19 - File "N9.1" Uploaded // Integration of sitemap.xml and robots.txt functionality. Current Metrics: DA: 14 PA:28. 

                >>Files N7, & N8 Contained Negligible Changes and Were Not Implemented.<<

                >>File N9 Corrupted and Deleted. Revisions to N6 Resulted in Curent                 Implementation of N9.1.<<


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